Big Fossil Dig (KS2)

£262.50 + VAT per group
Duration: 4 hours

KS2 School Session

Ever wondered what lies beneath the Flag Fen landscape? 160 million years ago, this area was under a shallow tropical sea, teeming with life. Step back in time and explore what creatures would have been swimming in this area during the Jurassic period.

Minimum charge for groups of less than 20 pupils is £210 +VAT.

For booking enquires please call 01733 317 988 or email us at

Learning objectives

Participating in the ‘Big Fossil Dig’ activities, pupils will:

  • Make observations of the fossils and the marine reptiles.
  • Talk about features of the marine reptiles’ environment.
  • Use spoken language to develop understanding of this past life and landscape through speculating,
  • hypothesising, imagining and exploring ideas.
  • Participate in discussions and presentations.
  • Describe and compare the structure of a variety of marine reptiles and also compare to our human body.
  • Explore and compare the differences between things that are living to those that are now extinct

National Curriculum links: History, English, Science, Art.

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