Fledglings (EYFS)

£240 for a group of up to 30 children

EYFS School Session

Fledglings for Early Years provides outdoor learning opportunities to explore, engage with and understand the natural world.

Through interactive storytelling, nature play, music, puppetry and more, the sessions provide opportunities for building positive relationships, developing imagination, physical development, expression, and increasing confidence outdoors. Set in the Forest School area of an internationally significant archaeological site, we aim to bring the wonders of nature alive and utilise the positive effects of learning in nature’s playground.

For booking enquires please call 01733 317 988 or email us at flagfenlearning@peterboroughlimited.co.uk

Learning objectives

By participating in these sessions children will:

  • Learn about and make sense of the natural world.
  • Learn to identify animals, plants and their characteristics.
  • Explore how to use nature creatively and imaginatively, using a variety of natural materials
  • Express ideas, share thoughts and feelings, and work with others.

EYFS links: The activities and experiences cover all seven areas of learning.

The Colours of Nature

Explore nature's rainbow in this colourful adventure with Billy the blackbird and his friends - an interactive story exploring themes of difference and acceptance.

Woodland Friends

Join Harry the hedgehog on his quest for new spikes, get crafty with natural materials to create your own hedgehog, explore habitats, identify bugs for the hedgehog’s breakfast and much more woodland play opportunities.

Nature’s Orchestra

Create your own natural musical instruments and join the woodland orchestra in an interactive story, “Don’t wake Badger”.

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