Unbaalievable! Soay lambs born this August at Flag Fen.

Posted on: 17/08/2022

Unbaalievable! Soay lambs born this August at Flag Fen.

Flag Fen’s shepherd, David, was caught on the hop as a surprise lamb was born, on 8th August with more confirmed on the way.

Flag Fen is home to a small flock of rare breed, Soay Sheep which consists of 48 ewes and just one ram. Soay sheep are hardy and self-sufficient miniature Sheep.

The flock was established at Flag Fen over twenty years ago as part of the development of the visitor experience. Most domestic sheep are lambed in the springtime, but in keeping with this rare breed, it is not uncommon for Soay sheep to lamb in the summer. However, the ram Angus here at Flag Fen has lived with the ewes for seven years without producing any lambs so, imagine shepherd David’s astonishment when one of the ewes gave birth.

“As unexpected as it was, it’s been lovely to see the new arrivals here at Flag Fen, we didn’t think Angus had it in him!” David told us,

“the team here have quickly adapted to the new arrivals, making sure the flock are secure and have access to plenty of shelter. Soay sheep spent many generations as ferals and know how to look after themselves. Ewes lamb easily and make excellent mothers so we are letting nature lead the way and only on standby if we need to assist. The ewes have successfully delivered 6 lambs so far and we are patiently waiting for more to arrive”.

To celebrate the new arrivals, the team at Flag Fen have planned a ewe-nique weekend of events over the August Bank Holiday, allowing visitors to come and meet the new Soay lambs plus, a ram-packed range of activities, crafts and stalls. For full details visit flagfen.org.uk/events.

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Flag Fen is famous for being the site of an ancient Bronze Age causeway, discovered by Time Team’s Francis Pryor. At Flag Fen, you can discover what life was like for our prehistoric ancestors in a reconstructed Bronze Age village. You can see an uncovered section of the ancient causeway, which once led Bronze Age people to their place of worship. You can view some exceptionally rare objects, including one of the earliest examples of a man-made wheel, as well as swords, jewellery and personal items which were buried as part of ritual offerings to the watery ‘fen’.

About Flag Fen

  • This kilometre-long wooden causeway and platform is perfectly preserved in the wetland.
  • More than 60,000 upright timbers and 250,000 horizontal planks are buried under the ground along with many swords and personal items given as offerings to the watery fen.
  • The site is also home to an abundance of wildlife owing to the variety of habitats, which includes extensive grassland, traditionally managed hedgerows and woodland and a freshwater mere (lake). Flag Fen is located on the outskirts of Peterborough, towards Whittlesey. For more information, telephone: 01733 864468 or visit www.flagfen.org.uk

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