Building a Roman Empire (KS2)

£262.50 +VAT per group of up to 30 pupils

KS2 School Session

This Roman day at Flag Fen explores the significant elements needed to build the Roman Empire and celebrates the role of Archaeology as a way of finding out about the past and understanding a different way of life. With the combination of Living History, meeting characters from the past -Boudica and a Roman soldier, children will be also be considering the impact of the rise of the Roman Empire on local people.

Minimum charge for school groups of 20 students or less: £210 +VAT

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Learning objectives

Participating in this ‘Building The Roman Empire’ day, pupils will:

  • Develop a chronological understanding of the changes in Britain from the Iron Age to Roman period.
  • Consider the impact of the spread of the Roman Empire in Britain.
  • Understand the importance of strong military tactics, citizenship and industrialisation in Building the Roman Empire.
  • Learn about Boudica and her role in British resistance.
  • Gain historical understanding in relation to how we find out about the past through experimental archaeology and the use of primary sources.
  • Understand historical concepts such as significance; continuity and change; cause and consequence and similarity and difference.
  • Deduct statements and inferences from evidence.
  • Improve mastery in sculpture techniques using clay.

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