Schools & Learning Booking Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions – IMPORTANT NOTES FOR TEACHERS – please read carefully

1. School confirmations

All advance school and group bookings must be confirmed in writing to the Education Department, based at Flag Fen Archaeology Park, by completing and returning this form.

2. Charges and payments

An invoice will be sent to the named person after the visit. Please do not bring a cheque with you on the day.

3. Cancellation

(a) By the school/group

In the event of the visit being cancelled by the school or group, no penalty shall be made provided such cancellation is in writing and occurs not less than twenty-eight days (4 weeks) before the date of the visit. Where cancellation occurs less than twenty-eight days before the visit, 50 % of the total fee shall become payable. Where cancellation occurs less than twenty-four hours before the visit, 100 % of the total fee shall become payable. We strongly advise that schools allow plenty of time between booking their trip and collecting any appropriate funds. For cancellations due to adverse weather conditions or due to an epidemic/pandemic where schools are following advised or imposed government restrictions which effects the actual visit date, any cancellation fee will be waivered and a suitable alternative date will be arranged.

(b) By Peterborough Limited

Peterborough Limited reserves the right to cancel any booking due to illness or risk to health and safety to the students and staff, such as unforeseen building and maintenance work being carried out or advised/imposed government restrictions. In such circumstances, as much notice as possible will be given and an alternative date or activity will be offered.

4. Changes

If it is possible to accommodate changes you want to make to your booking we will. You can request a change of date up to twenty-eight days (4 weeks) before the original visit date. The sooner you request, the more likely there will be alternative dates available. Requesting a change of date less than twenty-eight days will be dependent on available dates. You can only rebook your visit once. If no suitable alternative dates are available in the same academic year, then 50% cancellation fee is applicable. Where a request for a change of date occurs less than twenty-four hours before the visit, 100% of the total fee shall become payable.

For changes to the programme, please let us know as soon as possible – if it is possible, we will.

5. Health and safety

At the time of booking, a general education risk assessment is sent to you. This is includes our full Covid-19 precaution measures. We strongly advise and welcome teachers to make a pre-visit to the site where we can meet you and to go through the students’ day. Please contact us to arrange a day and time or to go through any parts to the risk assessment.

Your safety, whilst using our facilities, is our concern at all times. Safety procedures are discussed at the beginning of your visit and a First Aid kit is available if needed. Please ensure that there is at least one trained First Aider within your school party in attendance.

Peterborough Limited is committed to Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults. We undertake relevant checks with our staff including DBS checks where appropriate.

6. Nuts

We are working on being a ‘nut-free’ zone. Please tell parents and pupils not to bring nuts products in lunches. Thank you.

7. Behaviour

The class teacher is responsible for the behaviour of the pupils throughout the day. The Flag Fen teachers set out clear expectations and have good behaviour management, but will expect the support from all school staff in assisting with low and high level disruptions. If the Flag Fen teacher feels that any particular behaviour is dangerous in terms of safety for any person or artefact/s, then the activity will be stopped and responsibility handed over to the class teacher.

No smoking or drinking alcohol permitted. This includes electronic cigarettes.

School adult helpers are also the responsibility of the class teacher and are there to support the pupils’ learning.

8. Film

Videoing/filming is NOT permitted in any of the activities led by Flag Fen staff such as filming the storytelling. School staff are responsible for ensuring all school adult support are aware of this.

9. Fire lit in the roundhouse

Please indicate on this form whether you would like a fire lit in the roundhouse for your visit. We will endeavour to have this for you if you wish. Please note though that we rely on members of the Flag Fen Site Team to make up the fire. If they are unavoidably not available on the day, then we will let you know at the earliest opportunity that a fire will not be possible.

10. Adult/student ratios

We recommend that the adult/student ratio should be at least 1:6 for KS1, 1:8 for lower KS2 and 1:10 pupils for upper KS2 and KS3. Please note that these are recommendations only.

11. Feedback

We endeavour to provide exciting learning opportunities for all visiting schools and we warmly welcome feedback from your visit. At the beginning of the day, your Flag Fen teacher will provide you with an addressed evaluation form and envelope. If you would like to feedback on your day, please feel free to hand in your evaluation form to your Flag Fen teacher or at the Visitor Centre during your visit. Alternatively, we are happy to receive evaluation forms through the post or by email at

12. Please note: At busy times of the year there may be two schools on site at the same time, especially if one of the schools brings one class only. Your timetable will not be affected and you will never share a lunch space. It is always our endeavour that each school has an excellent experience whilst with us. If you would like to know if there is another school on site at the same time as you or have any concerns, please contact us.

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